I look at each new project as a puzzle.

What's the most creative solution for a newspaper ad campaign, a little marketing piece, or a trade show display? What's the most appropriate colour, style, and mood?

You've seen the work of agencies that seem to do the same thing all the time. The "clever" gimics that don't always quite work, the same agency fonts in every client's ad, the logos that all seem to look alike, no matter who the client might be. When people hire them, they get the agency's image.

At Nancy Thompson Graphics, I know that each client is unique, so I follow a design process right from the start.

First, I find out everything I can about the client and your project. That gives me some basic ideas. Then I
begin to process the ideas in my head into images:
  • "I want the title to look like graffiti scawled on a wall."
  • "This project calls for bright crayon colours and a simple, friendly image."
  • "This client needs help to look more sophisticated and professional."

I work closely with each client, "bouncing off" ideas and making sure that the finished project always strikes just the right note.

Are you getting that sort of comprehensive service for your marketing needs? Are you getting ads that showcase your image, not the agency's image?

If not, call me!