About Nancy Thompson...

Nancy Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a diploma in Graphic Design Production. She has four years' agency experience as a Project Manager, during which she was able to use all of her talents and training to advantage as Team Leader on a variety of projects.

Since becoming a freelancer in the fall of 2007, Nancy has been involved in a number of major projects, including the creation of the spring 2008 Chippewa Secondary School Reunion Yearbook, for which she scanned fifty years' worth of photographs, recruited and edited alumni and faculty articles, and created the design and layout of the publication, financing the entire project through ad sales that enabled her to provide 1,000 souvenir booklets for Chippewa Alumni at no cost to the Reunion Committee.

She donates her graphic design services to charities and community projects, including work for The Gathering Place Soup Kitchen, Gateway Theatre Guild, Laurentian Ski Hill, Touch Africa International, and The Warriors of Hope dragon boat team.

She proofreads publications, and writes and edits articles, advertising materials, proposals and business plans on a contract basis for various local marketing agencies.